Are The Clues To Resilience and Performance Hidden In Your Blood?

Do you want to know the secret to maximising your resilience and managing your energy? The clues may be hidden in your blood and saliva…

Just like high- level athletes, who need to be at the top of their game, today’s corporate executives need to build their physical and intellectual energy to maximise their performance at work.

Learning about what’s happening in your body and managing your health can help you to become a better leader, a happier team player and at the very least, detect chronic stress before it affects your resilience.

If a leader…

  • is not getting enough of the right fatty acids, then decision-making, focus and memory cannot be at peak performance.
  • has abnormally high or low levels of cortisol (chronic stress hormone) then they will most likely be experiencing difficulties in sleeping, in thinking clearly, and approaching issues from a different perspective.
  • is lacking key minerals and vitamins such as Zinc, Iron and vitamin B, then they will be fatigued, irritable and less patient with their team or their peers.

The good news is that all of the above -and more- can be easily detected with a preventative biological test that has been designed at PEPIT Consulting by medical doctors, biologist and experts in resilience.

On March 27th we will be doing something highly innovative and unique with a Management team at Philip Morris international. Using the results of the biological tests taken by each member of the team, we will be able to identify in a very objective and scientific way what the individuals can do to improve their energy levels and in turn build their resilience, health and performance.

In a workshop, the team will be invited to explore their results and develop key strategies to thrive at work. This process is the foundation for resilience and part of PEPIT consulting 1st pillar: “Body – Physically energised”.

Watch this space for further developments in this case study. If you are interested in working with us and in particular using these tests for your key talents, please contact us at

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