Our Solutions: Individual & Team Coaching


Coaching for Individuals & Teams

Coaching allows individuals and teams to explore in depth their personal behavior and needs in a confidential setting. It encourages sustainable change that will impact positively the entire organization.

“Change is the only constant in life.”



The coaching programmes aims at sustainable behavioural change through the 3A formula:

  • Awareness: Getting out of denial by observing and assessing current strategies
  • Acceptance: Accepting and choosing to change
  • Action: Deciding to implement specific change

We offer coaching programmes that focus on the physical, emotional and mental dimensions of wellbeing through developing positive intelligence, emotional resilience, healthy lifestyle and strong relationships at work.

"We work with a range of assessment tools and our PEPIT biological test to add depth to the programme and allow for sustainable change. "

Individual Coaching

Leadership coaching

Our leadership programmes create resilient leaders who can navigate the challenges and dynamics of their organization more efficiently. We empower our clients to:

  • Lead with calm, clarity and conviction in the face of change
  • Improved knowledge of their skills, strengths and talents
  • Gain self-empowerment and become responsible for their development at work
  • Know how to care for themselves mentally, physically and emotionally maintaining their energy over longer periods of time
  • Stay connected with their colleagues building healthy relationships that foster trust and transparency
  • Create resilient and positive teams.

Examples of topics covered in coaching sessions:

  • Developing positive culture
  • Effective delegation and feedback
  • Building trust and transparency
  • Developing flexibility and creative thinking in the face of change
  • Managing overwhelm
  • Setting boundaries
  • Implementing recovery strategies
  • Developing self-compassion and empathy

Resilience coaching

The constant pressure and drive to perform, whether externally or self-induced requires permanent adjustment. For those who ignore the signs and go beyond their limits continually, burnout is a risk.

Your most talented and most engaged employees are your most precious resources. They are also the ones that are least likely to ask for help.

Our programmes are designed for those who:

  • have high-pressured jobs
  • place high demands on themselves
  • are looking to find more balance at work
  • wish to manage their energy efficiently

Our strength lies in our multi-disciplinary team, which is composed of certified coaches, nutritionists and experts all specialized in resilience and burnout prevention.

"We offer a unique biological test to identify the level of stress hormones, vitamins and trace elements all essential to perform at your best. "

Examples of topics covered in coaching sessions:

  • awareness of and transformation of self-limiting beliefs
  • awareness of and management of emotions
  • nutrition for health and performance
  • sleep and recovery techniques
  • stress management
  • confidence and self-esteem

Team Coaching

Team resilience and engagement are key to business success.

The corporate world is experiencing rapid advances in technology and continual organisational change.

A successful team is a team that is:

  • energized
  • emotionally responsive
  • focused
  • flexible and innovative
  • engaged and purposeful
  • communicating efficiently with trust and transparency

Our experiential methodologies and scientific-based approaches provide teams with space to:

  • Gain awareness of what works and what hinders team success.
  • Develop tools and strategies to build resilience and positivity.

Examples of themes covered in our team coaching programmes:

  • A focus on the strengths and talents of the team
  • Understanding individual and team motivations
  • How to deal with conflict with the “nonflict” methodology.
  • Effective communication and interaction
  • Building trust and transparency
  • Finding a common purpose
  • Managing change
  • Emotional intelligence

We work with a range of psychometric tools that measures the strengths , the motivations and behaviors within teams.

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